Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Industry Makes Request to Decrease Asbestos Regulations

LegalView Offers Mesothelioma Blog Readers Details of Disconcerting Request to Decrease Asbestos Regulations from Industry

LegalView informed mesothelioma blog readers of an potentially troubling request by automotive, chemical and mining industries' paid researchers to "water down" asbestos regulations. The industry-hired scientists argued that asbestos is no longer as dangerous, even though several international health organizations have declared no safe level of the material.

Denver, CO - August 2, 2008 -- LegalView, the number one resource for everything and anything legal on the Internet, recently updated readers with the latest piece of mesothelioma information, relating to the request by paid researchers for the automotive, chemical and mining industries to decrease asbestos regulations. In a July 2008 summit in Washington D.C., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) met with the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency regarding the request. The industry researchers argued that asbestos fibers found in sand, taconite and other materials are less toxic than originally deemed in the 1980s when the regulations were created. However, the EPA along with the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and The World Health Organization (WHO) have all determined that no level of exposure to asbestos fibers is safe and the material as well as products using asbestos should be permanently banned.

Asbestos was mined for years and was frequently used in the construction industry for an array of products, most often insulation. However, it was determined that exposure to asbestos fibers causes a deadly form of lung cancer known as mesothelioma. Individuals who suffer from mesothelioma cancer should contact an experienced mesothelioma attorney to receive a legal consultation on the possibility of developing a personalized mesothelioma lawsuit. Because the cancer is fatal and no completely effective mesothelioma treatment exists to reduce the disease it may be important to develop litigation and potentially receive monetary compensation to pay for costly medical bills. Mesothelioma is a dormant condition that can take decades before symptoms reveal themselves, at which point, little can be done to improve the illness.

According to news reports, at the Washington D.C. summit, approximately 83 public health officials signed a 29-page report on the "science-for-hire" practice, which Dr. Michael Silverstein, who wrote the report, alleges is occurring on the part of automotive, chemical and mining industries. The report, opposing the request, urged the EPA to focus on public health rather than big industry and to avoid decreasing the asbestos regulations.

Learn more about this ongoing issue as well as other legal issues through LegalView.com. LegalView continues to maintain a comprehensive library of legal issues; issues that may be causing harm to millions of Americans each year. LegalView recently updated several of its issues to include detailed information and news. Some of the recently updated sites include information on the Zimmer Durom cup, the Ketek antibiotic and Avandia prescriptions.

The Durom cup, manufactured by Zimmer Holdings, is an artificial hip component that has been under fire by physicians who have said the device is failing their patients. Because of the alleged Zimmer Durom cup risks, the company has ceased manufacture of the hip socket. However, since production began in 2006, nearly 12,000 patients received the cup and may be affected by the failing hip socket and should contact a knowledgeable attorney for advice about the potential Durom cup recall.

Ketek is a pharmaceutical prescription antibiotic that is used to treat upper respiratory infections including pneumonia or bronchitis. Reports have tied the antibiotic with the possibility of severe liver damage among patients. Additional Ketek side effects may also be considered dangerous and those who report signs of yellowing skin or jaundice should consult a doctor immediately

The Avandia portal is continually being updated to provide the public with extensive research, scientific findings and experienced attorney links. Avandia is a prescription drug used to treat type 2 diabetes, which currently affects millions of individuals in the United States. Recent research, however, has found a disturbing link between the use of Avandia and an increase of heart disease as well as osteoporosis among patients. Individuals who feel they may have symptoms relating to heart disease or who have suffered from a bone fracture likely induced by the Avandia side effects, should speak with a medical expert immediately. Additionally, it is advisable to locate an experienced pharmaceutical law firm in case legal advice is necessary for an Avandia settlement.

About LegalView:
LegalView.com is a public service brought to you by Legal WebTV Network, LLC, a Limited Liability Corporation created by a group of the nation's most highly respected law firms: Anapol Schwartz; Brent Coon and Associates; Burg Simpson; Cohen, Placitella and Roth; James F. Humphreys and Associates; Lopez McHugh; and Thornton and Naumes. For more information on the accomplishments and track records of LegalView.com's superior sponsoring law firms and to get in touch with LegalView attorneys, visit LegalView at www.LegalView.com/.

Katie Kelley

Alan Haburchak

Monday, August 18, 2008

Recording Artist Karlina Covington's CD Sales Benefit Youth Center

Local Independent Female Recording Artist Karlina Covington Croons for the Community

Cnotes Records Recording Artist Karlina Covington is helping to empower our youth by releasing a new cd where a % of the proceeds will benefit the Eugene Bowman Center in San Diego, CA

Jul 27, 2008 - Cnotes Records Recording Artist Karlina Covington is crooning for our community and helping to empower our youth by releasing a new cd where a percentage of the proceeds will benefit the Eugene Bowman Economic Empowerment Center in San Diego California (
http://www.empowering-youth.org/) headed by Lorraine Bowman and Lauren Town.

Based in North Hollywood, California, the record label she is signed to, Cnotes Records (www.cnotesrecords.com) is dedicated to helping our community by not only by contributing currency, but time and education via entertainment or "edutainment" as well. Cnotes Records CEO, Cedric Buard says, "by helping our community we help our world, and Cnotes Records vows to help our world."

Karlina believes that by helping and educating our youth, we can build a better future for us all. Her release "Make Me High" is mostly an R&B/Pop release, but also features strong blues, rock and smooth jazz genre hits in the mind of Alicia Keys, Pink, Aliyah, and Janet Jackson, including an undeniable original sound. The 1st single "See You Again" is already gaining high exposure on the independent charts, and has won over 6 reviewer awards, including "Track of the Day" on a popular Internet site. You can listen to her latest single and more for FREE by visiting www.cnotesrecords.com

Karlina's CD Release party is planned for Saturday, August 30, 2008 (North Hollywood)
Make Me High Anticipated Release date: September 2, 2008 (Available online and via Cnotes Records)
Benefiting our community by providing high quality edutainment.

About the company:

Cnotes Records has been in business in the North Hollywood area since 2007, and has vowed from the beginning to help the community in which they do business and live. This is their 6th independent release and the first in which a percentage of the proceeds will benefit a non-profit organization. They serve the entertainment and small business industry and provide an abundance of products and services to help your business succeed. Visit www.cnotesrecords.com for more information.

Cedric Buard
Cnotes Records

For more information:
Keywords: Cnote,Cnotes,Records,Karlina,Covington,Cedric,Buard

Contact us: 5625 Satsuma Avenue North Hollywood, California 91601 8189134854 www.cnotesrecords.com info@cnotesrecords.com

Sunday, August 17, 2008

StoresOnline, Stores Online, Imergent, and Terminal Resource

We received a letter in the mail offering us a free meal and a free MP3 player if we would attend a "Conference" for StoresOnline that seems to be offering a complete package designed to let you sell things on the Internet. The main company behind this seems to be:

Imergent, Inc.

754 E Technology Ave
Orem, UT 84097 US
801-434-8582 Phone
801-226-8848 Fax

Terminal Resource, L.C.
51 West Center, Suite 208
Orem, UT
Fax 801.691.5566

Doing some searches in Google for "stores online scam" and "stores online sucks" will turn up some interesting listings that you may want to check out if you are thinking about attending. But you may save yourself a trip if you just visit their web site first. While the site looks very professional, the thing you will discover there is that they are offering their service for $300 a month. While they may be providing more than simple hosting, they better be providing a hell of a lot more, since that is pretty outrageous for any startup ecommerce hosting account that provides little in return that guarantees you will be making anything from your investment. Oh I forgot to mention that you have to commit to 1 YEAR of hosting with them, or $3,600. If you know little to nothing about web hosting, designing, marketing, and promotion I doubt VERY much that you will make your money back. Think about it. If you could really make a lot of money with little effort, wouldn't you just do that for your self to start with? Why would you sell a great money making system to others?

Your first clue is the fact that while they are offering something that you should be excited about and they have to give you a free meal AND a free MP3 player, just to make sure they get you in the door...!

So my advice is to check it out if you are interested. Get the free meal and free MP3 player. But make darned sure you know what you are investing in before you give them any money! If you have any doubts what I suggest is you look around and find an Internet or ecommerce consultant and pay them to help you get started. You will pay a LOT less money and have a MUCH better chance of starting a real business that may do well. And expect to pay a monthly hosting fee that will be between $15-$50 a month, NOT $300 a month!

P.S. I just found a site called Stores Online Sucks and I will list the link below. For me, this confirms EXACTLY what I had been thinking about this company. They are taking advantage of people that have some money but are generally clueless about the web.

Rip Off Report: Stores Online
Stores Online Sucks

Friday, August 15, 2008

New IP Camera Technology Improves Surveillance

Arecont Vision Sharpens the View at the Lucky Eagle Casino.

Arecont Megapixel Cameras Enable Improved Monitoring at Gaming Tables

GLENDALE, Calif.-- July 25, 2008 --The Lucky Eagle Casino in Southwest Washington State has completed a new installation of megapixel cameras from Arecont Vision, the industry leader in megapixel IP camera technology. The casino, which has been in operation since 1995, chose to upgrade their existing analog system in order to improve the ability to view and identify critical information on video.

"It is important that our surveillance operators clearly see the indexes of the cards," said Miguel Grijalva, Director of Surveillance, Lucky Eagle Casino. "We need to view suits and clearly distinguish between a heart and a diamond, and the analog cameras we had were not providing enough of this detail."

After installation on a test server of two Arecont Vision megapixel cameras, the AV2100 and the AV5100, for a two week evaluation, the Lucky Eagle Casino purchased Arecont Vision AV2100M 2 megapixel cameras to upgrade the existing system, supplementing their analog cameras. According to Mr. Grijalva, the Arecont Vision cameras deliver highly detailed images of jackpot hands, as well as increased accuracy in chip activity at the roulette tables.

Arecont Vision AV2100M 2 megapixel cameras have a frame rate of 24 fps (frames per second) with a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 and a minimum illumination of only 0.1 lux @ F1.4. One of the latest additions to Arecont Vision's MegaVideo® line of megapixel cameras, AV2100M megapixel cameras leverage proprietary patent-pending technology and help alleviate the cost and frame rate shortcomings often associated with multi-megapixel camera systems. To help ensure image clarity, the AV2100M delivers full motion HDTV progressive scan resolution and for added cost-efficiency features Power over the Ethernet (PoE).

The HD resolution of the cameras allows wider shots, enabling the casino's surveillance staff to achieve comprehensive coverage using a single dedicated camera for each table. "The frame
shot is the same as the analog camera frame shot, but the clarity is several times better," said Mr. Grijalva. "If a guest had a full flush, we can go back and readily confirm it because the picture quality is so excellent."

The camera also features a built-in electronic PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) function. In addition to the improved clarity, the casino surveillance operators found that the digital zoom was highly beneficial in live monitoring or reviewing footage. These investigative digital capabilities help the casino spot unusual activity or instances of suspicious behavior or cheating, as well as help ensure employee procedure compliance.

According to Mr. Grijalva, his team was particularly impressed with the quality of the images produced by Arecont Vision AV2100M 2 megapixel IP cameras when viewing details on the roulette wheel and for identifying stacks of chips. "The new megapixel cameras have also helped determine if a customer's claim is valid or for claims of short changing on chips," he said. "We are considering adding Arecont Vision megapixel cameras to the lobby entrances for facial recognition now as well."

For more information contact Arecont Vision by calling toll free 1-877-CAMERA-8, or visiting www.arecontvision.com

About Arecont Vision

Arecont Vision is the leading manufacturer of high-performance megapixel IP cameras and associated software. Arecont Vision products are made in the USA and feature proprietary low-cost massively parallel image processing architectures MegaVideo® and SurroundVideo® that represent a drastic departure from traditional analog and network camera designs. These innovative technologies enable Arecont Vision to deliver multi-megapixel digital video at analog camera price points.

EDITORS' NOTE: Electronic files and photos are available upon request by emailing Jennifer O'Reilly at in|fusion advertising at joreilly@ifadvertising.com

Jennifer O'Reilly
phone: 203-252-2173
fax: 203-252-2174
e-mail: joreilly@ifadvertising.com

Friday, August 8, 2008

Teaching Kids About Math and Science Using Baseball

Baseball Used to Teach Kids About Math and Science Through Sports Byte Competition

At minor league baseball stadiums, children ranging in age are learning the science and math behind the sport all while having a good time watching the game courtesy of the Ewing Kauffman Foundation and powered by Hot Lava Software.

Warrenton, VA, August 08, 2008 -- The Ewing Kauffman Foundation realized that a growing problem in our society is the lack of interest in the math and science fields of study, especially in the up and coming generation of students. With an interesting play on learning and enabled by Hot Lava Software, kids are "head faked", using the words of Randy Pausch, into learning about the science behind the game of baseball.

Minor League teams such as the Frederick Keys, Bowie Baysocks, Wilmington Blue Rocks, Delmarva Shorebirds, Kansas City T-Bones, and Aberdeen Ironbirds have already started participating in this new-age learning program.

At home games, between innings, a nutty professor takes the stage on top of the home team dugout. Quickly catching the attention of the audience, a cell phone ring is played over the loud speaker. The professor challenges the audience, "Are you smarter than me, the professor?"

Now that the audience is enticed, "the professor" asks a science-based question about the game of baseball such as "Which has more drag, a smooth ball (sporta) or a rough ball (sportb)?"

Using the technology by Hot Lava Software, answers are text messaged to a number that is displayed up on the big screen and immediately the user receives a text message back that states if the answer provided was correct along with a hot link to a site with more educational information about baseball. Out of all the participants, one is chosen to receive a prize package including things such as team paraphernalia all the way to a free Kajeet cell phone.

Audiences seem very interested in this technology-enabled between inning game. The pre-teen to teen ages especially show great interest in participating in a game at a baseball stadium where they are the target audience and they can utilize their cell phones. It is a change to the activities that focus more on younger children.

So far tens of thousands of baseball fans have been reached through this method of learning simply by attending a baseball game. Without even knowing, all of these users have experienced more than just a baseball game when the last pitch is thrown; they have been taught the physics behind the game and a few walk away inspired to learn more.

About the Kauffman Foundation
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City is a private, nonpartisan foundation that works with partners to advance entrepreneurship in America and improve the education of children and youth. The Kauffman Foundation was established in the mid-1960s by the late entrepreneur and philanthropist Ewing Marion Kauffman. Information about the Kauffman Foundation is available at www.kauffman.org

About Hot Lava Software, Inc.
Hot Lava Software Inc. is the leading provider of mobile authoring, publishing, delivery and tracking solutions. Using Hot Lava Software's content development and publishing system (LMA) integrated with the Hot Lava Mobile Delivery and Tracking System TM (MDTS) allows organizations to have the tools and knowledge needed to launch and track mobile initiatives faster, with more cost efficiency. Hot Lava Software provides mobile content solutions and a mobile content design, authoring and publishing solution to corporations, government and universities around the world. More information is available at

Joy Torchia
(816) 932-1045

Bob Sanregret
(540) 428-2988

Contact Information

Hot Lava Software Inc
Laisa Bernard


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

International Phone Service Comes To Beijing and Hong Kong

Beijing and Hong Kong Get Super-Cheap International Phone Service with Rebtel

Rebtel expands low-cost and free interational mobile phone service to Beijing and Hong Kong.

Stockholm, Sweden  -  April 23 -- First Shanghai. Now Beijing and Hong Kong. In just three months, Rebtel http://www.rebtel.com, the people's global communications company, has delivered on its promise to expand low-cost and free international calling to more Chinese cities.

Starting today, Beijing and Hong Kong residents can use their mobile phones to call any phone, anywhere in the world for just pennies per minute, and make free calls to friends, family, and work colleagues in more than 40 countries.

Using Rebtel Direct, calls from Beijing and Hong Kong to the U.S. and Canada, for example, cost less than 2¢ per minute whether you're calling a landline or mobile phone. By comparison, the same calls on China Mobile will cost $1.16 per minute.

"But if you think Rebtel Direct rates are still too expensive you can use our Smart Call system and make that same calls for free," said Hjalmar Winbladh, Rebtel's co-founder and CEO. "With Rebtel you can now call friends and family in more than 40 countries around the world from Beijing or Hong Kong for nothing more than the cost of calling around the corner."

A Rebtel account can be set up in just a minute or two. The service works with any mobile phone just the way it is, and is registered and authorized to work with all Beijing and Hong Kong mobile operators.

There is no charge to set up a Rebtel account. All new comers get a free 10 minute call to test the service.

After an account is set up subscribers only pay for the minutes they use. Smart Calls between the counties served by Rebtel are always free and only one of the two people on a call must be a Rebtel subscriber.

"This is a great time to be expanding our service in China," said Winbladh. "Hong Kong and Beijing have been important international business centers throughout history, and now athletes and media from more than 200 countries around the world will soon converge on China for the Summer Olympics."

How Rebtel works
Rebtel gives people local phone numbers in their country to call their friends, family or work colleagues who live abroad.

By making all calls local, people can call each other as often as they like and talk as long as they want, for little or nothing more than the cost of the local calls.

That means, for example, Rebtel gives someone living in Beijing a local Beijing phone number that will connect them to their friend in New York. And Rebtel gives the person living in New York a local New York phone number to call their friend in Beijing.

Getting started is fast and easy:
1. Go to http://www.rebtel.com and enter your mobile number and your friend's mobile number.
2. Rebtel creates local numbers and sends them in text messages (SMS) to each phone.
3. Save the number in your phone's address book and use it any time to call your friend abroad.

About Rebtel
Rebtel is a global communications company for individuals and businesses that make international calls. With Rebtel it's possible to call any phone, anywhere in the world, for just pennies per minute. Rebtel's services can be used with any mobile phone without modification or software downloads. There is no charge to set up a Rebtel account. No monthly fees, no connection fees and no hidden costs. Anyone may make a free 10 minute call to test the service. Thereafter, customers only pay for the minutes they use. Smart Calls between the 46 counties served by Rebtel are always free and only one of the two people on a call have to be a Rebtel customer. For more information, or to start using Rebtel services, go to http://www.rebtel.com.

Press Contact: Greg Spector
Company Name: Rebtel
Phone: +1 415 717 4666